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What are the many benefits of a Zoom! Whitening treatment? Although Zoom! whitening is considered a major technological breakthrough in the battle against darkened or stained teeth, it is still underutilized by many individuals. Zoom! whitening works by applying a specialized whitening gel to a tray that is placed in your mouth over your teeth. Once activated by a specialized light source, the gel is activated and designed to remove deep stains and discolorations deep within your teeth without damaging your tooth enamel keeping your smile safe. Listed below are a few additional benefits:

Zoom! whitening treatments use a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to enter teeth which goes below tooth enamel to clean deep stains. Once a specialized light source is used to activate the gel, it can take away the stains without damaging the teeth. Zoom! whitening has been proven to work against a variety of stains including those caused by juices, beets, wines, soft drinks, tobacco, coffee, tea, and even the ravage of time.

Although Zoom! whitening can be easily done in a single treatment session, your teeth can be re-stained in the future. Therefore, you dentist can give you a Zoom! Whitening mini take-home kit to touch up any trouble spots that may occur. If your teeth should become discolored in the future Zoom! can be used again, because it is safe for multiple uses.

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