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Minor imperfections, like chips and small fractures in the enamel of the teeth in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious. Dental contouring, also known as cosmetic tooth reshaping, can help blend these damaged spot, giving you back a smooth and even smile.

During the initial consultation the dentist will inspect your teeth, looking for signs of decay. This also includes taking some x-rays to assesses the depth of the enamel of each tooth. If there isn’t sufficient enamel, they might recommend dental veneers or that one or more teeth be replaced with crowns.

If you have sufficient enamel in all of the teeth, the dentist can then use a drill and other tools to carefully smooth and blend the damaged enamel. When they are done your smile will be smooth and the damage, unnoticeable. A follow up fluoride treatment might be recommended to help strengthen your remaining enamel.

If the teeth in your smile have chips or minor fractures in the enamel and you’re interested in cosmetic dental contouring, please feel free to call us at to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve deserve