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There are several reasons that cause dry mouth. From medications to lifestyle practices, dry mouth can affect the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. Today our team is going to show you six common treatment methods for this condition.

1. If a medication is causing your mouth to dry out, your doctor may adjust the dose of your medication or completely switch you to a similar prescription that won’t cause dry mouth.
2. Often times when you visit the dentist for dry mouth, they will prescribe an oral rinse to help restore mouth moisture or prescribe a medication that can increase the production of saliva in your mouth.
3. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day and with meals can help keep your mouth continually moist.
4. Using a humidifier or room vaporizer can help add moisture to your bedroom air, helping improve saliva production.
5. Breathing through your nose more often and less through your mouth can help prevent your mouth from drying out.
6. Try chewing or sucking on mint-flavored, cinnamon, or citrus sugar-free gum or hard candies. This can help stimulate saliva production.

These six simple lifestyle choices can help reduce your chances for having dry mouth as well as create a solution for those that do suffer from this condition. If you have questions about dry mouth or if dry mouth is affecting your teeth, give our office a call today at . We’re more than willing to help answer any of your questions or concerns.