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Have you ever needed to cover a weak or broken tooth? Dental crowns, a type of dental restoration, can cap teeth to cover and protect them. However, this procedure requires two trips to the dentist because it takes several weeks for a tooth impression to reach a dental lab where they create the crown and send it back. However, with Emerson Dental you can have your crown the same day your teeth are prepared for it with the use of CEREC® technology.

What is CEREC®? It is a computer software and 3D printing system which can create dental crowns using CAD/CAM technology. The CEREC® Acquisition unit takes a picture of your teeth for the software to use in creating a computer generated image of the crown. This image is then sent to the CEREC® Milling Unit, the 3D printer which makes the crown using a ceramic block for material.

There are many advantages to using CEREC® software. For one, you save money since you will only need one visit to the dentist instead of two. Additionally, you will receive your crown the day your teeth are prepared for it, which means that you do not have to use a temporary crown for several weeks. Also, crowns are made from ceramic, which matches your tooth color and is more biocompatible than metal crowns. If you want dental crowns to cover and protect your teeth, then call our office today.